Excellence Vineyards

Located within lands that have always been well suited to viticulture, the 124 acres of the Contesa estate in Collecorvino is nestled amongst the hills of Pescara. Deeply conscious of this precious gift bestowed to us by Nature, we act as custodians of these fertile lands, caring for it with a fierce dedication to ensure that our viticultural needs, and the delicate balance of nature, are respectfully maintained. We have always been a family of winemakers and enologists here at Contesa, and it follows that after so many generations of being involved with the winery, we are aware of certain considerations that transcend the technicalities of viticulture. For this reason, it may perhaps be of importance for us to describe some of the more excellent intangible aspects of our vineyards.

Our vineyards receive constant exposure from the Southeast sun with noticeable day and night temperature variations and ideal weather conditions. This, coupled with an elevation of 250 metres above sea level, and soil that is predominantly clayish and low in calcareous content, allow us to practise a more integrated approach to grape production, as opposed to the use of phytosanitary alternatives – ensuring that the land retains its natural health. Our Montepulciano, Sangiovese, and Trebbiano vines are espalier-trained using the spurred cordon system, while the Pecorino vines, which are grown close to a lake at the lower part of a hill, is trained using the Guyot system. Collectively, our high density–low yield system ensures the best quality grapes from our vines.