A unique wine cellar

Here at Contesa, we practise the philosophy that “wine is made in the vineyard,” and the annual journey from grape harvest to the final step of bottling in the wine cellar is itself a sacred ritual. This ritual necessitates patience, as it is with time that Nature grants us true masterpieces. With this gift from Nature, a winemaker then utilises a specific modus operandi that is refined and handed down from one generation to the next.

Contesa’s wine cellars house excellent barriques and barrels made of the finest Slovenian Oaks, as well as innovative steel tanks that carefully regulate temperatures – preserving the stum’s quality and reducing technological impact. However, what we consider equally important is the human dimension of the entire process, that is, authentic conviviality and spontaneous hospitality. We are thus not just wine entrepreneurs, but a family of enologists building a future – one day at a time.


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